Free WiFi

Provided by the Port of Portland

Portland International Airport offers free Wi-Fi (wireless Internet service), making travel easier by enabling airport visitors to stay connected to their home or office.

Passenger Drop-off

Access Points Throughout the Airport Terminal's Main Level

Use wireless-enabled portable devices to surf the Web, send and receive e-mail, and access corporate networks throughout the airport, including gates, Clocktower Plaza and food court, lobby areas near the north and south security checkpoints, ticketing lobby, bag claim, conference center, rental car center, and Tri-Met platform. Airport travelers can get real-time flight arrival and departure updates from the Portland International Airport Web site, browse information about the 30-plus retail and restaurant offerings in the airport, and get the latest travel tips.

What You Need to do to Access Wi-Fi

To use the airport’s free Wi-Fi service, simply connect to the open “flypdx” SSID then read, understand, and accept the presented Terms and Conditions. You must accept the Terms and Conditions to use free Wi-Fi at PDX.

  • If your device does not automatically present the airport’s Wi-Fi Terms and Conditions page, start a web browser session and go to by which the page will be presented. Your web browser must be configured to accept ‘cookies’.
  • Ensure your computer is connecting to “flypdx”. This network is Portland International Airport's free Wi-Fi; do not accept anything else.
  • Your device will be automatically disconnected after one hour of inactivity, after which you will be required to re-accept the Terms and Conditions to use Wi-Fi.
  • Most VPN client software is supported through airport Wi-Fi. However, it will require that the Terms and Conditions page has been accepted prior to using the software.

Reporting Issues with Wi-Fi

If you have questions, please contact your company's IT department, or e-mail PDX Customer Service.

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