PDX Dog Therapy Program

Dog Therapy photo in the airportWe know travel can be stressful for many. That’s why we brought in a little help to provide calm and comfort to PDX travelers and employees. Overseen by our partners at DoveLewis, the PDX dog therapy program brings more than 20 highly trained canine therapy teams to a variety of locations throughout the airport.

Along with their handlers, these dogs roam the terminal with grey DoveLewis vests and wagging tails. They are on the lookout for pets, cuddles, someone they can greet with a wet nose, and comfortable places for a little rest next to PDX travelers.

Yes, pets and snuggles are encouraged with these friendly dogs!

What is a therapy dog?
Like most jobs, being on a canine therapy team is not a task that just any person or dog can do. DoveLewis therapy teams feature career change and retired dogs from Guide Dogs for the Blind. They are paired with handlers who receive thousands of training hours, including how to identify and support people in stressful situations. This allows the therapy dog and their handlers to bring a sense of calm to somewhat chaotic and complex environments. These dogs are so calm, they’ll sometimes fall asleep on the job at PDX. Ruff life.

Where can I find them at PDX?
More than 20 DoveLewis teams visit PDX during our busiest travel hours. We don’t have set schedules for the dogs, but you’re likely to find them if you roam through the terminal during your next visit.

Learn more
Learn more about DoveLewis Portland Area Canine Therapy Teams (PACTT).

Meet the team
Get to know some of the dogs you might find at PDX