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(Last updated: Aug. 27, 2021 - changes highlighted below

We know this is a stressful time and things are changing every day. Ensuring that every person coming to PDX – whether for work or travel – is healthy, safe and informed is our number one priority.

To that end, we compiled answers to frequently asked questions that we heard from you, and created a way to tell us about the acts of kindness you’re seeing around the airport.

Am I required to wear a face covering while working at PDX?

Per the Feb. 1 CDC order, face coverings are required indoors for everyone at the airport, to protect both travelers and airport employees, and to provide a consistent experience for passengers flying in and out of PDX. Children under the age of 2 and people with medical conditions that prevent wearing a face covering are exempt from this rule. Read the press release.

Taking off the face covering indoors is permitted if needed for security/identity purposes or when allowed by state/local policy (for example, when dining).

Face coverings are not a replacement for other efforts to help contain the spread of COVID-19. Please continue to maintain physical distancing, refrain from touching your face and wash your hands frequently.

The face covering rule will remain in effect for the duration of the relevant directives from the State and County, including the guidance found in Governor Kate Brown’s May 7 “Reopening Oregon: Details on Restarting Public Life and Business.”

Do I have to wear a mask or face covering at all times at PDX?

As of June 10 CDC guidance, you must wear a mask while indoors on the premises of an airport unless you're the only person in the work area, such as might occur in private offices. If another person enters the work area, or if you leaves the work area and enter another area where others may be located, you must wear a mask. If the nature of the work area is such that other workers are likely to be located there and are permitted to enter or leave unannounced, then a mask must be worn at all times.

Governor Kate Brown announced new statewide outdoor mask requirements effective Friday, Aug. 27. Masks must be worn outdoors at PDX when unable to maintain physical distance. This applies to all airport employees, regardless of vaccination status.

What extra steps are you taking to keep employees safe?

Our top priority is your health and safety and we’re leaning on the advice of our public health partners. For the latest guidance, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Oregon Health Authority websites.

We’re cleaning high-touch areas in the terminal more frequently, along with the airport’s parking pay stations, shuttle buses and information booths. Our Relay Resources team deserves a huge thank you for going above and beyond with their commitment to cleanliness.

You've probably noticed an increase in hand sanitizer as well. We added dispensers in high traffic areas, including our taxi and rideshare hold lot for our ground transportation providers.

Portland Airport Fire Fighters are our medical first responders. In accordance with Multnomah County Public Health guidance, airport firefighters are required to respond to all medical calls wearing increased levels of personal protective equipment. Additionally, when fire department staff respond to medical calls, they will be placing masks on all patients, symptomatic or not. This is per the guidance of the Multnomah County Medical Director.

Everyone at PDX – including travelers, employees, contractors and service providers – is instructed to follow public health guidelines which include wearing a face covering, cleaning your hands often and maintaining six feet between you and all other people.

What resources are available if I’m working and get sick or need help with childcare?

Federal Emergency Paid Sick Leave: The federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act provides for up to two weeks of fully-paid emergency sick leave to self-quarantine, seek a diagnosis, or receive treatment for COVID-19. Two weeks of paid emergency sick leave, at two-thirds pay, is available to employees caring for a family member due to COVID-19. Eligible employees are those at companies with fewer than 500 employees, local, state, and federal government employees, and employees who work under a multiemployer collective agreement. Talk to your manager to learn if your company meets these requirements. You can also review the Families First Coronavirus Response Act FAQ.

Federal Paid Family Leave: The federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act also provides for 12 weeks of job-protected leave for employees to take care of a minor child in the event of the closure of the child’s school or place of childcare. The 12 weeks of job-protected leave include two weeks of unpaid leave, followed by 10 weeks of paid leave at two-thirds the employee’s usual pay. Employees can overlap the first two unpaid weeks with two weeks of emergency paid sick leave. Eligible employees are those at companies with fewer than 500 employees, local, state, and government employees, and employees who work under a multiemployer collective agreement. Talk to your manager to learn if your company meets these requirements. You can also review the Families First Coronavirus Response Act FAQ.

Oregon COVID-19 Paid Leave: A program is available to help people who work in Oregon and need to quarantine or isolate due to COVID-19 exposure, but do not have access to COVID-19-related paid sick leave. People who qualify will receive a $120 per-day payment for up to 10 working days ($1,200 total) for the time they are required to quarantine. Employees can apply online now. Those who do not have access to electronic applications can call 833.685.0850 (toll-free) or 503.947.0130. To see if you meet the eligibility requirements, take this eligibility quiz or see the requirements on the DCBS site. Because the available funds are limited, the program is available only to quarantine periods that were in place on or after Sept. 16.

Oregon Free Behavioral Health Helpline: The Oregon Health Authority recently launched a behavioral health outreach and education effort and new helpline for Oregonians. The Safe + Strong Helpline can be accessed by calling 800-923-4357 (800-923-HELP) and offers free, 24-7 emotional support and resource referral to anyone who needs it. Callers are routed to a counselor who can provide emotional support, mental health triage, drug and alcohol counseling, crisis counseling or just connection.

Emergency Childcare: Essential workers can receive a customized referral to emergency childcare programs. Hours: Monday – Friday: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.; Saturday – Sunday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

My PDX employer is currently closed. Are there any resources available?

If you work for a PDX employer that is not operating right now, there may be resources available. Learn more about business layoffs, closures and unemployment insurance benefits from the State of Oregon's Employment Department or see Multnomah County and City of Portland's temporary eviction moratorium.

The U.S. Department of Labor also offers rapid response services for workers. The Rapid Response team will provide you with information on the means to maintain an income (unemployment insurance), information on health insurance options, access to skills upgrading and training resources, and much more. Services and resources vary by state and by specific layoff situation, but local services that may be available to you include use of computers, telephones, and fax machines for your job search; financial planning and stress management workshops; financial support for training; and special services for veterans and adults with disabilities. All services are offered at no cost to you.

What businesses are open at PDX?

For the most up to date information on PDX shops, restaurants and services, visit our Travel Safe website and see the question, "What is open and closed at the airport?" 

To minimize people congregating in the terminal, the airport meeter-and-greeter areas are closed until further notice. PDX asks that families and friends wait to say ‘Welcome Home’ at home. Those picking up arriving passengers should remain outside the terminal unless the arriving passenger requires assistance. Our goal is to help avoid crowding and limit proximity to persons not associated with traveling or working at the airport.

Are there any changes to TriMet service at PDX?

TriMet ridership has dropped due to the coronavirus, and the agency is temporarily reducing service. Currently service is suspended for Line 272, the PDX Night Bus, which runs between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. On weekdays, MAX trains will run every 15 minutes throughout most of the day; weekends will follow Sunday service.

I spotted a PDX employee going above and beyond. How can I get them some special attention?

We love hearing and sharing stories about incredible PDX People, especially during such challenging times. If you know someone who has gone above and beyond, tell us about it by filling out our submission form. We may also follow up to request a photo of the person you want to highlight. Another option is to send them a shoutout on social by tagging your post with #PDXPeople. We’ll pick a few of the stories to share with our followers and on our PDX employee website.

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