PDX Ground Runup Enclosure

General Information
Prior to taxiing to the GRE, please confirm its availability by calling the GRE hot line at 503.460.4520. Don't forget to call the hot line again to report clear of the GRE upon completion of your run-up.

To turn on GRE lighting, call 503.460.4893. After three beeps, press 1 for lighting status (on or off). A single beep indicates lights are off. Two beeps indicate lights are on. Press the # key to toggle the lights on or off, depending on the status. For example, if the light status is off, as indicated by 1 beep, pressing the # key toggles the lights on. If it is on, as indicated by 2 beeps, the # key toggles the lights off. Lights are timed to go off automatically after one hour. If additional time is needed, repeat the procedure. There is also a manual switch in the control room.

Permanent Restrictions
Taxiway J is closed to all aircraft with wingspans greater than 171 feet.

Aircraft with wingspans between 125 feet and 171 feet on Taxiway J must be under positive guidance by either towing or wing walker.

Temporary Restrictions
There are no temporary restrictions at this time.

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