Terminal 6
Terminal 6 Container Service

With the termination of the ICTSI Oregon lease agreement on March 31, 2017, the Port of Portland is working on a new plan to develop and manage carrier service for Oregon and Pacific Northwest shippers. To support this effort, the Port is working with a consultant team and broad range of stakeholders to develop a new path forward. Success will require the strong cooperation of cargo owners, labor and other partners to find creative solutions to provide access to markets.

Marine container service is critical to Oregon and regional shippers. Terminal 6 served a geographic and commodity market in Oregon, Idaho and southwest Washington. In 2014, Terminal 6 captured 53 percent of the Oregon market (exports and imports), with the remaining cargo moving through Puget Sound ports by rail or truck.

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Terminal 6 is a 420 acre, multi-use terminal with the ability to handle containers, oversized project cargo and features direct rail service.

Robert  Smith
Robert Smith
Marine Cargo
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